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Get Motivated Every Time You Search

To-Do Task List

Superb, easy-to-use project management and to-do list application. At last, you'll be able to concentrate and relax.

Focus Every Day

Here is your creative haven. Focusing on the task at hand can greatly improve productivity

Time and Date

Never be late to a scheduled event. The current date and time will be displayed in a new tab at all times.

Get Motivated Every Time You Search


Change your new tab page to one that gives you a moment of peace and mindfulness from the best sources, along with the weather, date, and time.


We hope to give you a new inspirational quote every day by making your Chrome new tab a source of motivation.


The Inspiration Tab has beautiful HD wallpapers and words from famous people and modern masters of motivation and compassion.


The Inspiration Tab extension will change your new tab search to Bing while keeping all the search features you've grown to love.


The daily quotes in this product help me get going and keep me going. I think it’s a great idea.

Alex Connor

I really like this add-on. The scenery is beautiful, and every morning I feel like I have my own life coach.

Amy Windham

The powerful images and quotes from smart people inspire me to do my best.

Dale Mack

This is the best thing ever! If you want to have a good start to 2023, you should get this app.

Cindy Resnick

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